15 September 2007

Bandwidth whine

One doesn’t really appreciate ADSL until one clicks on “Fish Fillets NG” on one’s dialup computer (Ubuntu #3 for me) only to discover that this few-hundred kilobyte game has sixty-odd megabytes of data files in tow, which are going to take most of a day to download, or that your updates include a new version of OpenOffice, which will take a day all by itself.

In case anyone thinks this is Linux-specific, I plugged a USB mouse into a ratty old Win98SE system we were using for CD-based edu-games (the PS/2 mouse was pretty close to cactus) & the system died — won’t boot — & it wants about 3 days worth of full-on downloading to fix that — only, being a MicroSoft system, it won’t officially let me download that.

The same mouse flawlessly & painlessly (& instantly) replaced a PS/2 mouse on this Ubuntu system into which I’m typing — only it constantly colour-cycles its entire suite of high-efficiency LEDs, making it not well suited for use in a dark room.

Meanwhile, back on the bandwidth whine, wanting to download a couple of few-thousand-word HTML pages alongside the updates completely knackers the link, so that your neighbour(-ish) can’t log in to her webmail. As to watching videos & such... in which lifetime? Ah, well, some day somebody’s going to run a fibre link down the Murchison Highway. Looking forward to that day.

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Trendkill said...

that very well may be the case, but keep in mind basic dsl is now something along the lines of $10 a month through aapt or some other smaller provider!

i do feel your pain with win98 though, being a system admin at a medium size company i have had to deal with a few in-need-of-a-few-major-update machines, and even with a large internet connection felt more pain as newer updates conflicted with others being applied leading to a blue screen of death.