02 August 2007

Upper Burnie

English is a crazy language, in some ways.

We were driving from Burnie up the hill into Upper Burnie this afternoon, when Master 7 proudly informed us that we were leaving “Downer Burnie”.

Given that Sir’s formal name is Alexander & remembering the name of an Aussie politician, we found this highly amusing.

In other random news, we discovered that Domino’s Pizza exists in Tasmania, even Burnie. Still out of luck with Sizzlers, though.

In still other random news, I discovered that plugging a USB mouse into a Windows 98SE box can inspire it to suicide. Now I have to find a Win98SE CD & a perfectly functional CD drive to be able to resurrect the games computer. It’ll probably be much easier to just convince WINE to run the offending games.

This just after I’d done something I’d never counted myself brave enough to do: run an email client through a ’Doze box. The wonders of XMing blended with KMail.


Chris Samuel said...

Thanks for the pointer to Xming Leon, just what some folks I know needed!

Leon Brooks said...

Bear in mind that the standard XMing these day only works on XP/2003/Vista, but if you Google on 'xming "windows 98" ' for example, you'll find slightly older flavours kicking around.