26 August 2007

Holiday? Pfui!

Well... that’s what some hedonists are calling my visit to Perth, WA. However, an average of more than one medical appointment per weekday well & truly digs (doctors, please pardon this allegory) a grave for that idea...

Aaaanyway, the medics so far have been saying generally benevolent things about my health (not “all fixed” so much as “good progress”) which is, on the whole, good.

A few in particular have been saying pleasant things about the practical aspects of said progress, along the lines of “above average” & “recovering well” which lines up with earlier medics wanting my case declared “miraculous”.

Computer people have been saying nice things also, as well as unique social groups, & a handful of random strangers that I run into on trains & buses, so who knows? Miraculous or not, I may yet have a future. (-:

Perth has also been something of a reformation, in that I get to meet people from years back, bump into a few excellent friends, & pick up the threads of a few individual pieces of work.

One thing has left me aware of the benefits of marketing, but strangely pleased that I wasn’t able to claim said benefits.

I rang an old customer to see if they were interested in having their (7 years old, compare that with Win32 boxes) main Mandrake (not Mandriva) Linux server updated, since the thing sends me daily reports that all is well with its world. No, they said, it has been working flawlessly, & we’ve been replacing the outlying servers with small network appliances, one by one; ten minutes in a web browser sets each up correctly, & all is going so flawlessly that we’re about to replace the main box with a large-ish network appliance & retire it.

So... over seven flawless years of life, but no time or $$$ to be spent on updating it. That worked out well in practice, since I’m running very short of time to do what’s left despite the lack of work there, & it’s kind of heartening to have the old beastie die in action. Or, more accurately, get a pink slip rather than a visit from a fork-lift.

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