01 August 2007

GreenPeace did, um... what?

Quoth the poster:

Greenpeace activists have started construction on a replica of Noah’s Ark,

“Spung!” goes my brain.

8,200 feet above sea level, in one of the most dramatic ever pleas to world leaders to take far-reaching and urgent action to avoid catastrophic global warming. Many people believe that Mount Ararat is the place where Noah’s Ark landed after the floods.

OK... can anyone else spot the contrasts? (-:

Noah’s ark...

  • was an artefact
  • was very large
    • & quite rigid
    • those bathtub toys don’t even start to expose a historical story
    • It would have to last about a year
  • was pretty much the antithesis of naturalism
  • was driven by a religious bloke for religeous reasons
  • almost certainly didn’t land at a spot we’d call “Mt Ararat”

GreenPeace, OTOH...

  • are into natural things
  • are building a small one
  • have reasoning driven by naturalism
  • are driven by — in essence — materialists
  • don’t seem to have a special lifespan for their project

Bit of a head-scratcher, that. Some considerable differences in organisation & technology. GreenPeace are using very simple technology (horses to lug stuff, what looks like pine for structure, builder’s fasteners etc) whereas to build a seriously large boat to survive kilometer-sized waves etc for around about a year & carry/feed/clean thousands of kinds of animals (bet he was glad fish weren’t on the list!) this Noah dude would have had to rely on some serious ship-building techniques in a world that essentially had no ships at the time.

However... there are some similarities!

  • the problem is a very large one
  • the lives of everyone are (in principle, anyway) involved
  • the action is aimed at the better interests of the public
  • they’re building it out of wood (but not, I see, laminated)

Now, back at the differences...

  • no animals involved here
  • it’s not going anywhere
  • more than one family involved in making it
  • it doesn’t seriously float, or sail
  • builders & operators all seem to speak European languages & all seem to be light-skinned

Ah, well, some entertainment to watch. (-:

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