26 August 2007

The August of Progress

It turns out that the cheapest replacement mobo I could buy new was a dual Pentium 1600 with a semi-decent Via video chipset.

The end result is that (despite not having a proper driver for the chipset yet) this ex-cranky-old-junker is now new from stem to stern (well, bar the screen) & cranks along quite nicely, running the Matrix3D screen-saver smoothly & flawlessly & responding to things like web pages instantly.

Dear old grandma Mardie’s email toolkit now includes 41 GUI games — including, it happens, some old favourites which have the James-&-Jane nephews salivating about future visits — & this is without the plethora of Commander Keens etc which DosBox has effectively made available.

When a driver floats into existence for the Via 3371 chipset (I think that amounts to a Chrome9 P4M900) this little box will hum along quite nicely with full-blast OpenGL etc.

For those who are wondering, this is like the March of Progress, only a little bit later/more rushed.

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