16 August 2007

AmCom scores a win on Telstra

Mum-in-law switched from Telstra ADSL to AmNet & in the process saves $20 a month & gets double her quota (via WAIX) for free. Oh, yes, & gets her data about 6 times faster. Oh, yes, & gets a free static IP address, too.

Telstra were reluctant to release the line, telling us first that it would take “2 days” & then “21 days” (!) & then AmNet tried the line & suddenly it was freed (where about 10 minutes earlier it was not) so I suspect that someone in Telstra pushed a button.

Anyway... Hurrah! “Installed by Friday.”

AmNet shipped me the modem early so I could put port-forwarding rules & the like in, so I switched it on again this morning to test the link... & — bwanaaa! — it came on line, more than a day early! This was posted through it.

Conflagrations, AmCom, well done. (-:

1 comment:

senectus said...

yes I miss my amnet connection. (I don't miss their near useless support desk though).

Am with internode at the moment, they seem to be pretty reliable.