25 July 2007

Hot sheilas?

Mary wrote about the Romanian heat-wave she’s currently experiencing.

I remember heat-waves, & driving away from Perth across the Nullarbor in 40-odd degrees C, but something happened on Monday morning which kind of changed my perspective a little.

At about 08:15 I remember driving carefully along a snow-lined section of main highway (Murchison Highway) up towards Bulgobac River — & crawling carefully past a truck which was gently wending its way downhill at about 20km/hr.

Why was it doing this? Just my opinion, of course, but the fact that he was driving on sheet ice may well have contributed a little.

By “sheet ice” I don’t mean that gentle fuzzy white stuff which clings to the road poles sometimes as I drive over Mount Black to or from Rosebery in the early afternoon, instead I refer to clearly visible sheets of crystalline ice which literally occupy the entire road surface.

My side had been scoured clear by a few sets of eager tyres as vehicles scrabbled their careful way up the hill, but the steering still had that disconcertingly uncertain edge to it.

Apparently, it gets even colder; & this isn’t high Europe or anything like that.

IMESHO Romanians should be breaking out the bikinis & towels, making the best of it while it lasts. (-: <shiver> <chatter> :-)

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