30 July 2007

Doing the dishes with a hammer

No, it’s not as violent as you hope^Wsuspect.

I had a stainless-steel wok-like bowl to wash, which had been used for mixing up bread dough before feeding it to the fabulous Black & Decker Mystery Bread Maker (we have never had a manual for it).

It turned out that much of the gunk couldn’t be scrubbed off, but gunk which had been sitting in the bowl soaking for hours just fell away. However, the bowl was determined to not sit steadily in the sink (it kept sliding around to be completely upright, & that bit had been done), & I had nothing heavy to hold it at the appropriate angle (no, the bread-maker wouldn’t do :-) so I fetched a hammer in from the shed, scrubbed it off, & used that.

It does look a little... odd, that hammer, sitting in the sink, but it has done a good job. I’m about to go to brush off the last of the muck.

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