30 July 2007

Dirty clothes

Y’know how miners’ wives complain about the crud their husbands come back from work plated in?

Now I have a matching complaint.

Lucy did a stint of cleaning work at a mine this morning, & came home dirty & smelly. As well as the funny lead powder (which apparently permeates the mill area near the offices she cleaned), plus the greasy stains on knees & elbows, her fellow-workers both smoked, & did so in the car during the thirty or so k’s out to the mine, both ways.

I must find out what sort of powder we’re using, both so I can buy some more, & because it chewed quite handily through all of this grot in our Elecrolux front-loader.

1 comment:

Leon Brooks said...

The powder appears to be Radiant “Power Concentrate” — for those who follow such things.