01 June 2007

We're not in WA any more

Driving past the Murchison River’s entry point to Lake Rosebery today, I saw... ice!

Not huge chunks of it, maybe a handful or twenty, up to about 1m across & maybe half of that tall. The cool made our Toyota Camry’s radiator run about 10 dial-degrees cooler than usual, for the first time I’ve ever seen it do so.

Then all of the way up the hill to Rosebery, marvellous little waterfalls splashing down the face of the hill to run under (or around) the road. I met one bloke parked across from a waterfall, tanking up his Land Cruiser’s radiator from it. Apparently, he does this “all the time”.

In Rosebery itself, there’s a creek running along the main road on the uphill (Hospital) side, which was quite delightful to photograph, what with scores of little falls & rapids. That’s the first time I’ve felt honest about using the word “pretty” to describe anything in Rosebery. (-:

Got some nice bread from the Rosebery bakery today, as well. Granular bread built on wholemeal flour, instead of white-bread-plus-grains. Tasty, too!

Silly Gummint suckers want to close down Rosebery hospital. It was busy today, & we were passed by an ambulance as we came up Mount Black headed towards Rosebery. Next stop is Queenstown (add 50km) or Burnie (add 120km). Scatter a bit of ice on the roads, & sorry, mate, you’re just gunna hafta die.

I understand that they got their new medical system’s pattern from Canada: perhaps they should ask a few Canadians how it’s managing over there. Hopefully not as badly as their failed schooling system (OBE-ish) which we also inherited. EdDept basically says “it’s up to us to make it work” — er, duh, why not start with a working one? Ditto for health.


senectus said...

Do you ever plan on coming back to WA?

Leon Brooks said...

I'll be dropping back in August, for medical checks and to talk to a court.

But... that's not what you meant.

I have nothing against WA, and also like Tas. Our move here was basically my wife's decision, and explaining the reasoning behind it would be both complicated and probably wrong in important ways.

So... yes, it's possible, but we're going to try this tree-laden and coolish place out first.