03 June 2007

Web programming programming has a name

Now it’s called “FrameUs” which is a system which builds frameworks for applications. The prototypical bits I’ve got going so far are all web oriented, but the structure I’m adopting opens itself to use in a graphic or even text-based GUIs (er... would that be a TUI?).

The bottom-line idea is to write all of the little fiddly bits of a typical book-keeping application into FrameUs, so all one has to do for a new application is code any chunks which are unique to this specific situation.

Conceptually, I could hand this to Joe Random Book-keeper who knows what (s)he’s doing in book-keeping terms & isn’t terrified of a computer, then stand back to let him/her design the database (actually, modify existing tables) & modify or write a few reports in his word-processor.

The application is data-centric enough that I can’t see any problem with running it from a LiveCD which can then self-install. The whole thing can be expressed in ASCII so far, & I see no reason to change that.

In fact, everything except the reports could be expressed in bog-standard SQL of the CREATE TABLE/INSERT level, & those could be expressed as ASCII PostScript. Installation could consist of "tar xvzf package.tar.gz; psql -f package/setup.psql". Or MySQL/FireBird/whatever equivalents of course.


Major said...

If this something you are doing/planning yourself or
something you found somewhere?

googleing "frameus frameworks" finds this blog entry.

Leon Brooks said...

Doing and planning myself. And it’s surprisingly difficult to find time for.

I want to make something which basically works, stores enough context to be usefully portable, then invite all & sundry to whale away at it.

The Googling works because Google has an interest in Blogger.