18 June 2007

Overclocking a road

Frosty plantRolled down to Rosebery today to convince Dr Lulu to help untangle some Centrelink paperwork (a perennial process which I hope to interrupt shortly) & on the way back (at 12:15, so midday) noticed some frosty bits on the side of the road.

Frosty road pegThese even included a frosty road peg, as well as chunks of maybe 3 or 4 acres of frosty bushes & trees. So I stopped to take some photos.

I did get some nice shots of the little waterfalls, which are still running fine, but...

Frosty roadThe result was a new lesson in black ice. The road looked normal, & I drove over it OK, but standing on it was an invitation to suddenly sit down & wonder what had just happened.

It wasn’t even shiny, not with the trees etc behind it to block a sunlit sky as a back-light.

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