12 June 2007


Have you ever wanted to own a good-quality computer game?

Give Paul a call on 0408133915 to ask him about his huge collection.

He’s closing up his shop (CannonFire) in Rosebery & moving up near Burnie to get married. As well as more than a cubic metre of games, he’s got a few computers & monitors for sale as well.

The games, he can mail out — or probably drop off anywhere between Rosebery & Burnie. They’re a huge collection, more titles than I can possibly remember, genuine originals complete with packaging & holograms etc. He tells me that they start from $5 apiece, but they range on up to top-level stuff, too.

Oh, yes, Paul started life as a sandgroper, and so did the engineer (of the stick-welder type) who dropped in while I was chatting with Paul in his shop in Rosebery. The shop & quite a nice house are for sale as well.

If you prefer digital comms, try Paul’s business name @ WestNet.com.au as he is taking his ADSL from Rosebery up to Burnie-ish as he moves.

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