30 June 2007

Das Kapital

Bounced off the Launceston airport, which like many airports in Taz is some tens of km outside the city it serves. In fact, it ought to be called Perth Airport ’coz it’s only 3km from Perth, Tas. One can pretty much picture the resulting confusion. (-:

Anyway, collected #1 daughter & mother-in-law AKA Mardie, then stayed overnight near Swansea, then down to Honbart. Went for a tour of the Cadbury factory, then wandered up Mount Wellington to play in the snow.

The next morning, took the littlies across for a play with the council’s steam tractor, then up the mountain again, then downtown for pizza, then a long drive west.

The blanket speed limit dusk to dawn is 55km/hr for the last 200km or so to Queenstown. Nice scenery in the mountains, & a powerplant with an impressive array of feeder pipes. But drove through very few of the towns (Tarraleah & Wayatinah were a few km off the highway, for example).

The road Queenstown to Tullah was icy & slippery but we managed OK even though at least one of the members of the oncoming traffic wound up “ploughing” ice along the road. Politicians & their compulsion for removing hospitals came to mind. Ouse are losing theirs, too.

Mardie had an excellent time fighting in the snow (of which there was more alongside the highway near Derwent Bridge) & has started to learn how to really use her camera. Aiyana had a great time in the snow, & has learned even more about Mardie’s camera. (-: We’ve also driven around a few of the local lakes & dams, which are of course beautiful. :-)

Hobart’s streets are a very messy array, kind of like a combination between Canberra & Sydney, but there are an amazing number of things like arenas, industrial estates & port-side facilities kicking around.


Major said...

Yes I can imagine some Tasmanians quite enjoying the confusion of another Perth airport: "Oh, did you want the Perth in the north island?"

Leon Brooks said...

Yeah, well, the normal reaction would be more along the lines of “Oh, Perth on the mainland?” said with a proper light dusting of incredulity as if nothing on the other side of the Bass Strait could possibly weigh more than a duck.