26 June 2007

Coming up to date

OK, that’s now 4 machines brought up to the latest edition of Mandriva, over a ’phone line. Two of them were kickstarted by a CD, the others not.

Can’t say I’d recommend it to people in a hurry, but it is effective. It would even work for a satellite link, as long as you have a big enough data quota (look at around 2 to 5GB for a full-ish system, no CD).

Now, off to traipse around Tas. Picking up family in Launceston, then across to Swansea, down to Hobart (to visit mountains & a chocolate factory) then back here to home. Add to that an excursion up to Rocky Cape plus some local sight-seeing, & I won’t have much time left for typing.

Oh, yes, & shopping in Burnie tomorrow. No, hang on, that’s “today.”

Oh, one more thing... you don’t even need a remote DNS system to do these updates, as long as the beasties are reporting stuff to you by email. The email will have little electronic footprints in it to say how it got to you.

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