15 May 2007

The virtues of dialup

If you have ADSL and it’s too slow, then this is for you.

I walked in this morning after leaving my laptop doing a set of updates overnight. It was about 1/3 finished, so I left it for half an hour to get done with the current update, to see how long the next one would take.

OpenOffice 2.0.4 — 7.5 hours — oh, well. Tonight, then. ^C.

BorderNet, it seems, have given up on the government’s remote access subsidies, waiting until July when a better plan comes out, maybe. Meanwhile, I’ve given Active8me a ring.

Their prices aren’t so crash-hot, but they look like they can install within about a fortnight, & like BorderNet it’s an appliance-style device rather than a funn card and lots of MS-Windows-specific special software & drivers. We’ll see.


senectus said...

probably because they were found out to be dodgy, see below link.


Leon Brooks said...

Pity, the link comes up 404.

Rob said...

Actually, Clear Networks http://www.clearnetworks.com.au - has better pricing and more flexibility (including capped plans). Activ8 are taking 3 months on installs, Clear are doing them in about 2/3 weeks from application.