30 May 2007

Thank you to two doctors

Thanks to Dr Chris Newall, of the Cottesloe Medical Centre in Perth. Chris has been a patient and imaginative GP and deal competently with not only my own oddities but with the administrative maze which Centrelink respresents. Chris has an ability to do things according to the rules, but with his own flair, so both the rule-makers & his patients are satisfied with the outcome.

Thanks also to Dr Lulama Ntloko, of Rosebery General Practice. “Dr Lulu” has picked up the reins on this strange patient (me), halfway through the case, & also dealt strongly with Centrelink’s maze. She is very careful in what she does, but is also not lacking the courage to step out & do things the hard way when needed. It’s inspiring to see that care in someone who evidently knows so much, because otherwise the expert becomes “full of themselves” & starts making knuckleheaded mistakes. No such risk with Lulu!

Also, she has had another advantage fall her way which has avoided Dr Chris: she’s pretty. (-: Nevertheless, the hard-nosed miners & such who cross her path in Rosebery evidently understand her talents & take her very seriously.

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