12 May 2007

Food in Burnie, laptop lives again, visiting friends

Bulk Frozen Foods (385 Bass Highway) do, as one might suspect, good frozen foods including stuff like bulk-packs of raspberries and peas, but also non-frozen stuff like eggs, 3Kg tins of tomato soup, choc chips & so on.

A couple of doors down the road (East), we have Youngs Vegie Shed (yes, that’s how they mis-spell it), which does bulk fruit, veggies & Ginger Honey, amongst other things. Actually, I need to correct myself, as that chunk of Burnie seems to be called Camdale.

There’s also a trendy-looking wholefood place on Cattley Street in Burnie’s little chunk of sawn-off city that I haven’t looked into yet. Pretty good for a country town (sort of, the CBD looks like someone sliced a section out of a city & pasted it onto the map, including (grumble) parking meters).

Nathan’s taken one of my ancient laptops & squeezed it into a flat-looking standard-ish PC case to become a DVD burner for a Tullah bus... driven by a Chef. Passengers will be able to plug in camera cards & walk away with CDs & DVDs of their photos.

Went visiting ex-Banana-bender friends over in Swansea (East coast near — I kid you not — Lake Leake) & went “Roo” shooting (actually Wallabies, but they still hop, & allegedly make tasty soup) only to discover that Possums were in plague proportions. What that means is that you can wave a spotlight at a small, innocent-looking tree & sight 5 or 6 pairs of eyes. One night’s accidental harvest was no less than 17 of the furry little blighters. No use except as dog food. We also saw (& did not shoot at) a Spotted Quoll & a Wombat.

It felt kind of like WA, driving through Perth & over near Cranbrook. The roads have less corners on than the local ones, but that’s about all they have going for them. The corners are just tight enough that you have to slow down for & pay attention to every one of them. It must have been a nightmare for friends driving their large caravan along here. They have a nice property hiding behind a Private (State-protected) Forest, & being Tasmanian it has plenty of rocks. Um, how do you pronounce “Bicheno”? That’s one of their local towns.

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