08 April 2007

Unfit, unskilled

Lake Herbert

Went for a stroll up the hill today, & after 45 minutes of 45° slopes headed toward Lake Herbert, I was knackered. I carried a camera, but for a change was glad to not be my esteemed sister-in-law.

With her camera gear, & her eye for a good shot, she’d still be up there, cursing the darkness & fighting her way down through the underbrush.
Wee Georgie Wood

I also found out more about Wee Georgie Wood, the little steam loco which runs around tracks here in Tullah, & found that I almost completely lack the skills needed to rebuild various parts of the loco & carriages.

If you’re in Western Tasmania & are any good at steelwork or the design behind it, they’d like to hear from you. If you have time to labour & want to put it into a worthy cause, they’d like people to nail and/or weld things together, too, not to mention saw, paint, glue or stitch.

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