02 April 2007

A trip to Burnie

Today I discovered the Fossey river.

Perhaps I should write it “the FOSSey River”?

It’s north of here, near the Wey River and the Hellyer River and in the Waratah-Wynyard Council.

I also discovered that people do make strap-on antennas for mobile ’phones, & that you can buy one (modulo some ordering time) in Burnie.

Burnie is a kind of odd town, struggling to make big-cityness. It has parking meters & parking buildings, one-way streets, stacks of traffic lights, a sea-tainer-handling port, something which anywhere else would be called a freeway, bundles of shops (some of them tied to the parking buildings) & scads of little facilities. It’s sort of like a chunk of big city excavated & dropped into a medium-sized seaside town.

The drive there was kind of pleasant, with many bucolic cows, some fancy hedges, even the odd road-house or two. Oh, yes, & heaps of hilly curves. (-:

I also discovered that Tasmania does indeed have crows. They feed on the road-kill. Happily, they don’t appear to have discovered Tullah yet.

Tullah appears to have a second unofficial boat-ramp-like facility tucked away to the south of the water processing plant. This has a dry-stone wall or two and a quiet, pretty aspect. In fact, the place seems over-endowed with such little facilities, the problem being that nobody seems to know how they work or how to get access to them. One of the features of this place was a pair of quite good working horses (appearing vaguely Clydesdale-like in style but not as big or solid).

We also saw a wallaby sitting alongside the highway, watching us carefully, & a little runny black bird, water-hen-like, sprinted across the road in front of our car.

We really must make the time (& fuel) to go & visit Cradle Mountain sometime soon. Visiting all of one’s local tourist attractions could become a lifetime occupation.

To my stunned amazement, one of the local photographers reckons there’s very little to point a camera at. Hello? Turn left, turn right, there’ll be a lake, a tree, a mountain or an animal of some sort there! (-:

No satisfying some people, is there?

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JonathonC said...

I would definitely recommend Cradle Mountain as a view point. Even getting up to the mountain, there is some awesome scenery for good photos! I stayed over in the cabins as well to add to the experience.

The only thing I would recommend against is going South via the great lakes. There is virtually nothing around them and the roads are predominantly dirt. Nothing special and you waste a good part of day getting around them.