07 April 2007

Spotted Quoll

Drove home via Hellyer Gorge recently, and got to see a genuine Spotted Quoll, along with 30 or so wallabies & half-a-dozen possums & maybe a Devil.

A handful of wallabies & one possum tried for a sudden Michelin Diet but the road is so narrow & twisty that I was only doing maybe 40km/h at the time, so was easily able to thwart their efforts for linear fame.

The road’s very pretty — with plenty of ferns & stuff around about — but one has to go so slowly & put up with passenger abuse about corners (at ~30km/h) & “speeding” (~65km/h in a 100km/h zone) that the longer way is, well, shorter. Time-wise anyway.

Also had a look at the Fossey River information bay, with signs warning that the toilets don’t contain drinkable water & that you’re under constant camera surveillance (yes, they are serious, both times).

They have some excellent polished pine-looking furniture, & lots of detailed information pasted on the walls. I discovered, for example, that our many Sophias appear to be descended from one Sophia River, which now gets eaten by the Murchison Dam. This hasn’t helped me keep the Sophias separate from the name of another friend, but it is interesting background to know.

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