21 April 2007

Small pleasures

We have a working ’fridge & freezer now, & an actual table to put the computers on.

Today was rain from about 11AM onwards, so I didn’t get to walk up the hill. Hopefully it’ll all be finished before I start doing the car-rally managing thing at 05:45 tomorrow morning. Had the unique experience of seeing the nearby hills fogged up in the afternoon — as well as providing a level grey horizon this morning.

Ginger honey tastes really nice. You can get it from the Veggie Shed on the coast — 317 Bass Highway — West of Burnie (the train tracks are genuine 2' gauge running right along the beach), with some excellent mini-mushrooms on special, some raspberries & bucketloads of crunchy, sweet apples, plus scads of really nice grapes from about $3-$5 a kilo.

Went chasing some chickens with our furry little mates up at Rocky Cape on Friday, & discovered that the little blighters (the chickens, not the mates) can figure stuff out really, really fast when you leave them no choice. Drove home with a roof-rack full of mattresses for a different set of mates (ex-Banana-benders now living near St Helens somewhere — over East, anyway).

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