01 April 2007

Feeling truly Oz-wide

Sitting in Tasmania, phoning Western Australia for a link, working on a server there in Perth which is pulling down data from Sydney, and updating DNS delegations in Melbourne for services run in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. Also talking to friends in Queensland — or, more accurately, from Queensland as at now.

All I’m really missing is a stripe down the middle (SA and NT) plus a blotch in NSW (ACT)... well, that’s unless you want to count places like Christmas Island, of course...

Actually, it’s a bit more than Oz-wide, since the owner of another server I’m working on is in San Diego, I’ve got a little work underway for some people just (literally) up the road & I’m getting regular reminders of a friend who lives in the sticks North-East of Perth, & finally a bloke (mostly) from England wants me to write an article for him.

Now I need someone from Africa to make my retinue complete, & maybe someone from Greenland so I’ve hit every contient.

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