05 March 2007

Trip to the Farm

We’re headed off down to our farm near Albany to trade some furniture before setting sail to that little chunk of land which people forget to include in maps of Australia.

It takes a stunning amount of time to take down a few beds & pack them onto a trailer, but it’s done now. I can’t imagine what the last day or so’s cramming of the sea-tainer is going to be like. Or perhaps I can imagine, but don’t want to.

Next, five hours of sitting & staring into space. Whee. We do get nice farm scenery at the other end (& get to meet Uncle Ted for the first time in ages), & get to see several “picturesque” country towns on the way.

Well, kangaroos for breakfast (out the window, not on the plate) & cockeys almost uninterrupted by crows. That’ll be relaxing.

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