31 March 2007

techno dischord

OK, here we are tickling the keys on our trendy state-of-the-art laptop, where they are flipped across the house at tens of megabits per second encrypted wireless, to be stuffed into a less state-of-the-art desktop, plunged down through a dial-up modem which is calling Western Australia (hi from Tasmania), to send the keystrokes to the LA server now sitting in the Eastern States somewhere.

This technology flips its electrons past a steam-powered locomotive (hi, Wee Georgie Wood) in a town with its own water-processing plant & ironically getting its power from nearby hydro generators. We have a resident drinking black coffee because he doesn’t get on well with either the shop-keeper or the service-station attendant (which charges Nullarbor prices of $1.37 a litre). And the harder you look, the worse the dischord gets. (-:

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