14 March 2007


The Bight

Is there anything worse than over-filling a sea-tainer?

Well, yes, there is: under-filling it.


Well, these things aren’t exactly skated along on silk, so an under-full one will rattle. What this means for the contents doesn’t really bear description. Just let “destructive” stand in for what happens.

We’ve 3/4 filled our sea-tainer, & even with “padding” from seldom-used items, we’ve got about 2 hours tomorrow morning to pull most of it out again & rearrange it to sit together while the box is tipped each end up, shaken & rattled. Doing that with maybe 8 tonnes of furniture is going to be kind of exhausting.

After that, it’s the Nullarbor via Kalgoorlie for fun & profit.

Or something like that, anyway. I’ve been assured that there are some great photos available on the coast between Eucla & Ceduna.

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