13 March 2007

Porongorup, tehnical nexus?

Porongorups Hall

Farm visit this week, so I got to scrape together about 2 tonnes of electronics junk and toss it out at the local tip, a skip-based operation at Porongurup.

What was sitting at the bottom of this agricultural mecca’s rubbish skip? Kangaroo corpses? Ploughshares? A stack of wine vine cuttings?

To my great surprise: a large (20”?) monitor, & a keyboard rack (with keyboard & sliders) for a 19” rack.

No kidding.

Sitting right there amongst (now) scores of half-working televisions, chunks of ancient telephone exchanges, ancient radios (two-way, car & desk), obsolete PCs & so on.

This amongst burnt-out tree farms at the back of several kilometers of dirt road on a tourist drive along the north of the Porongurup Range. A drive through countless vineyards, sheep farms & so on.

So who, I wonder, graces this patch of countryside with their highly technical existence?

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