29 March 2007

Glad to see dial-up

Sad but true. No ADSL in this town. The community connection office uses ISDN. Thanks, Nathan, for one of your modems.

Tasmania has repealed all flat roads — except for a few they keep along the northern coastline to fool visitors with. They also appear to have repealed sunshine, at least temporarily. (-:

Our seatainer has arrived, which means furniture, electronics, some food & a distraction. The truck driver was great, he turned up while Roadworks were resurfacing our street, & put up with it in good humour. He also helped us find some thick concrete tiles to put the seatainer down on so it rusts less.

Ah, the wonders of modern technology: my USB cable for the camera’s card reader has dropped a connector, so it will be a while before I can send any more pictures. It’s rarely the technically-exciting things which fail.

I learned a fair bit about OpenOffice Writer’s forms-handling capability, setting up a local lady with a set of invoice forms as templates, so double-clicking an icon fires up OOW & walks her through the important fields. Functions calculate the GST for her, or back-track from a total price to the GST & “real” price. Too easy. Now for the General Ledger. (-:


Kylie Willison said...

Good to see you back online :-) looking forward to seeing the photos of Tas!

Leon Brooks said...

Hyley, Kylie

You must dream of new rhythms for your name. (-:

Some photos up at http://tullah.fit2.bur.st/ and many more will be added. It’s very hard to not take photos since there’s lakes, forests and mountains constantly in front of the lens. (-: