05 March 2007

Frogger instead of farm

Our car made significant overheating motions, so we handed it to our friendly local mechanic instead of driving it to the farm. Sigh.

Litoria plays frogger We had a visit from Litoria Moorei (Golden Lipped Frog), who, it seemed, wanted to play Frogger.

Sadly, we couldn’t get him to hop along the lanes. The best we could get out of him was sliming along the task-bar.

Flash Litoria Not good enough, it seems.

Eventually, we fired him from the games industry & freed him into a (hypothetically) snake-free part of the back yard.

From here, he gleefully leaped away.

Royal Wolf mobile While I’m dropping photos...

Here is a snap of our new car & our sea-tainer.

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