25 February 2007

Proprietary infighting opens Ogg's way?

The chips haven’t stopped falling yet, but a squabble (instgated by Microsoft) between Microsoft and some MP3 patent-holders could have opened a door of opportunity for Ogg to see major commercial success.

Which is odd — when you think about it — for a totally free codec, but when market penetration is needed to make your format acceptable to manufacturer’s lawyers, it’s a bit of a Godsend, one to be grabbed with both hands.

Myself, I use Ogg because it produced better sound quality & only uses about 2/3 to 3/4 of the space to do it in.

Nobody’s going to sue non-commercial little me for using MP3 format for personal give-away sounds, but if they did, they’d be sad since a pair of one-line commands is all that’d be needed to revert to Ogg-only format, and they’d be hearing about their indiscretion for several years to come.

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