15 February 2007

okular improvments to KDE

I’ve been forcing PDF views to happen in XPDF recently, as a steadily-increasing tally of PDF files load up in KGhostView & then go blank (as in, get painted over in white). Now I’m pleased to see that XPDF has been captured & given a brain-supercharge as okular, a mixed-mode viewer for KDE4.

Amongst other things, it renders PS through libqgs now, which results in much cleaner, faster PostScript renderings. As one of the commenters mentions, it’s already lightning-fast compared with acroread. As other commenters mention, it supports DVI, & Pino Toscano mentions that it already supports sounds.

They’re working on supporting annotation formats, & they already support a more application-like selection of text (for copying, etc) than the existing “lassoo” style. Support is included for DjVu, TeX, EPS, fax, and so on. The “fax” plugin has grown up to include many kinds of formats for sequential images, too.

The’re putting a big focus on reliability as well as flexibility. It’s going to be unbelievably good (beyond awesome) by release time!


Chris Samuel said...

Hmm, I've not had such problems with KPDF which (I believe) uses the xpdf engine but has a much nicer front end.

Did you try that ?

Leon Brooks said...


Will do so.