27 February 2007


I remembered today just how hard it is to cycle down the Freeway to town.

Yes, I should have packed some shrapnel & caught a train before 7AM while bikes are allowed on. That’s well over 20km in one lump.

In consolation, I was riding faster than the freeway traffic around about Whitfords & again about Stirling/Osborne Park.

Not that this was a feat of athletic might or anything; I think my flat-&-level speed was only about 60km/h. That would make the Freeway a bit of a doctor’s exercise this morning: full of patience.

Aaaanyway, it’s a firm reminder that I’m still a long way from completely fit & healthy.

Now to update a Mandriva Linux server & maybe have breakfast. The latter, I can do. The former depends on whether my brain kick-starts well this morning or not. Well, it feels OK so far. (-:

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Leon Brooks said...

Will be catching a train home.

Forgot to mention the 12-14 cyclists passing me on the way — oh, the ignominy! (-:

Been getting 'phone calls from all manner of people whom I didn't realise read this 'blog. It's nice to be noticed, even if you have to move house into another state to get them to speak up. (-:

/ME resolves to make this 'blog more interesting in future. /ME then falls to wondering precisely how this will gbe done.