24 February 2007

Hello, Tasmania!

Mt Farrel

If you know anything about !sunny Tullah, near Rosebery, please post a response to let me know.

We’re likely to be moving there in a couple of weeks.

AFAIK, no penguins, they’re a bit further north.

Mt Murchison


Kristy A. Bennett said...

Been to Tullah - enjoyed horseriding there. Houses are cheap (I chose not to ask why).

Never considered actully moving there I saw it more as a nice place to visit rather than a nice place to stay - sort of like Canberra.

Leon Brooks said...

I can understand feeling that way about Canberra (although for a city it's got a good feeling), but what little we know about Tullah says that it's very pretty and full of enthusiastic people.

However, that's "what little" and I'd like to know more before landing face-first in it, unsuspecting. (-: