08 January 2007

Stepping out for a bit

Sugarloaf Point

It seems likely that we’ll be house-sitting for a while, come early March. It’s quite a house, too, on Sugarloaf Point, just north of Newcastle.

Nearest civilisation is Seal Rocks, a small town on the beach, with a dirt road from the highway. Second-nearest civilisation is Forster. This is all in the Great Lakes area of NSW and registered as a National Estate.

Now... internet connection? Dialling is going to be a PITA, if it comes to that. Two-way satt requires an 18-month contract, so may not be as appropriate as I’d hoped.

I’m wondering if you know that area at all & can speak to me of wireless & other “advanced” access methods? I’m presuming that boring stuff like ADSL will be waaay out of range...


TongMaster said...

This is one of my favourite surfing locations. I go there for three reasons:

- Great breaks
- No internet access
- No mobile access

I recommend leaving your laptop at home. It's a great place to do something else for change.

Leon Brooks said...

For a weekend, yes. Excellent, in fact.

For months? That’s quite a different matter.

Thanks for the recommendation, though.

TongMaster said...

For months? Well, that's enough time to setup your own wireless relay network up to Foster for ADSL.

At least you'll get dial up. Perhaps order a second line and do some old fashioned EQL. ;)

I'll be surfing there in April. If you're there I'll pop in and say hello. I can even download some web pages and bring them for you on DVD ;)