03 January 2007

Saw Happy Feet, was impressed

It’s funny, but if I were to sit down & list the parts I enjoyed, I think it would come across very yawn, but the real experience was quite inspiring. One positive factor was the outcome from sticking with something and following it through.

Amongst other things, some of the scenes were very spectacular (some beautiful, some unbelievably action-packed, a few tender, many hilarious), but they also had dozens of different penguin characters, & somehow managed to get them to mesh “harmoniously” together (yes, even the dis-harmonious ones).

There are countless one-liners & short-but-odd conversations, for example (Mumble is the lead penguin, Gloria is his intended):

Mumble: Gloria, ever since I was little I’ve been wanting to tell you that you’re so. . .
Gloria: Fish. . .
Mumble: Yeah, fish. You’re so fish.
Gloria: No. [laughs] Look, Mumble! Fish!

There’s also Mumble calling a great big penguin-eating seal “fatso”.

These characters are the “Latin” adele penguins:

Lombardo: What are you gonna do? Subject him to cruel and unusual punishment?
Raul: Unimaginable torture?
Lombardo: Imaginable torture?
Raul: Your singing?

Back to the animations again; these worked very well, everything from individual characters coming across well to thousands of penguins dancing together. Even odd things like the helicopter or the ice-breaker integrated seamlessly & interestingly.

Yes, I would definitely recommend seeing it. There are a few very brief scarey parts that young children wouldn’t cope well with, but in general the mood & tone are excellent.

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