01 January 2007

Cocky GNU y'ear, y'all!

Well, that was about six times as many fireworks as I’d expect our quiet little outer Perth suburb to kick up, but it had a knock-on effect: it woke up the local flock of about 80 corellas.

Eighty Corellas makes a deafening racket at zero hundred hours (they’re insecure in the dark so like to chat as they fly), & I’m amazed that the little kids didn’t wake up to the cockophony. But thankfully, they didn’t.

Finally, some sleep! Well... if some neighbours kill their stereos.

I think I’ll have to develop a mental trick for obliterating questions from my cortex, else the little blighters clamour to be answered even if I’m totally knackered & the clock has knocked off for the night.

Unfortunately, some combination of Wikipedia & Google will usually provide several answers. Several conflicting sets, typically. Mumble.

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