22 December 2006

Watching with intent

The intent-to-reproduce changes the way we learn while watching, which could be an interesting explanation of how FOSS culture works.

The study monitored people’s brains while they lay absolutely still, watching others dealing with a physical problem. The people who watched intending to do the same thing themselves showed up internal actions in MRI scans which those watching without intent lacked.

The MRI images turned out to be excellent predictors of how well the observers would actually do at reproducing the actions they watched.

One has to wonder how much inadvertant training happens while one watches TV? Or when one is watching misbehaviour or crimes happen in real life? When one is watching news footage? Or video games?

Anyway, there’s a simple lesson there: watch with intent if you want to maximise your learning capacity.

LCA presenters, this may be why your audience is giving you funny expressions as you present. You may be more successful than you, um, intend. (-:

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