05 December 2006

Want cancer? Go over-weight!

So says the Department of Health in the UK. Being obese ups the cancer-rate in non-smokers by a third. Over-weight sufferers don’t heal as well, either.

I can’t see any good reason for the rates in smokers to be dissimilar. 90% of all cancer cases in the UK are caused by smoking.

If this disturbs you, what should you do?

  • Drink much more fresh water

  • Eat as close to raw as you can (more popular with veggo’s)

  • Leave as much time between meals as reasonable (5 hours recommended)

  • Don’t break yourself, but structure your day for more exercise

  • Spend a little more time in nature & the wild

  • Sleep regularly & well

  • Avoid sweeteners, both “real” & artificial

  • Figure out how to avoid smoking or cigarettes

  • Be happy, avoid stress

I’m not sure how to reconcile that last guideline with all of the others. But it helps. (-:


Leon Brooks said...

Here it is again via Science Daily.

Leon Brooks said...

Notable quote: "After smoking, obesity is considered one of the most important preventable causes of cancer,"