19 December 2006

Smoking == SIDS

Smoking, it seems, opens your baby to a risk of cot-death (SIDS).

It turns out that the baby’s sensors for breath-pauses share an area of the brain in which nicotine lodges, either during pregnancy or directly after birth. The nicotine numbs the sensors, which then fail in detecting stopped breath, and the baby asphyxiates (dies from lack of breathed oxygen).

One has to wonder how many dense children exist because their sensors kicked in, but just a little late.

Why would anyone bother smoking?

A few other tips:

  • sleep them on their back

  • line up their feet with the bottom of the bed

  • layer sheets & thin blankets (don’t bulk them up)

  • cover baby to the shoulders only

  • tuck sheets and blankets in so they don’t ride up

  • baby should be warm, but not hot & sweaty

  • don’t use a pillow, just a firm mattress

  • share a room (for air & temp), but not a sleeping surface

The idea is to protect your baby, not smother them. Snooth, flat surfaces with no obstructions will do that.

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