04 December 2006

Slight change to head schedule

The surgeon will be de-staple-ising me, instead of our GP, and it gets done next Monday instead of on Friday.

Leaving the helmet aside has been most refreshing.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but the irritations one suffers with a head injury aren’t a single thing one can point at accusingly, but hordes of smaller things which collectively build up & conspire to drive the victim gradually twittery.

An example was the recent no-pressurised-planes limitation.

One other of those things was the helmet; it’s amazing how upsetting having that thing constantly sliding across one’s face can be.

Now that item’s just down to people examining my head-dressings with a curious eye & in a week I can look forward to having “only” scars visible. And — for a while — an odd haircut. I hope.

If there’s a take-home lesson from the whole shambles, it would be “be careful — & wear the safety gear”

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