15 December 2006

Remote administration woes

I’m remote-adminning a mchine which has lived in a dusty environment all of its life. The problem which raises its face is that when I want to update the machine to a current distribution of Linux (it’s given up on updates, specifically including the virus-&-spam-scanner-manager for email), the process of calculating the differences is so compute-intensive that the (dusty, so not well-ventialated) machine enters “throttled clock mode” & if I don’t suspend it after a minote or two, for a good handful of minutes at a time, the machine overheats & shuts itself down.

This is a simple machine, with only a power & network cable, & two hard drives. The one next to it — a workstation — has three hard drives & a DVD burner, and has a pile of chargers and adaptors (and a wifi ADSL router) clipped to the lid, plus an external (USB2) hard drive. I’ve vacuumed out the workstation, & should have done the server as well.

I feel a bit less singled-out now that somebody’s told me about their son’s new XP machine, which randomly restarts itself with between 5 minutes to an hour between goes.

Ah, the wonders of modern technology...

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