24 December 2006

New head-up displays?

Stuff like this gets me dreaming about a laptop which looks like an iPod and a pair of glasses.

Northwestern University researchers report that by combining organic and inorganic materials they have produced transparent, high-performance transistors that can be assembled inexpensively on both glass and plastics.

[. . .]

To create their thin-film transistors, Marks’ group combined films of the inorganic semiconductor indium oxide with a multilayer of self-assembling organic molecules that provides superior insulating properties.
The indium oxide films can be fabricated at room temperature, allowing the transistors to be produced at a low cost. And, in addition to being transparent, the transistors outperform the silicon transistors currently used in LCD screens and perform nearly as well as high-end polysilicon transistors.
Prototype displays using the transistors developed at Northwestern could be available in 12 to 18 months, said Marks.

Rather than windscreens, I think glowing dashboards and steering assemblies would be a good start. (-:

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