19 December 2006

More Christmas cheer

Our Community Newspaper features a DCD ad on page 15, “You’re not alone”, which mentions that “Christmas can be an especially stressful time for families and women can face more violent situations” then goes on to advertise the Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline.

Fine comment on an allegedly festive season, I thought.

It contrasted starkly with the “Christmas tastes made easy!” page from the Centro Warwick shopping centre and the “Wishes come true” offer of scratchy tickets from Kingsway City. Well . . . I guess it would be party time for shops, about now, anyway.

There was also an ad (p25) from Enough is Enough about the damage done by people who’ve had too much to drink. Perhaps coincidentally, the paper was packed with car ads.

Just for a laugh, I read my horoscope inside the back page, which amounted to “you lack motivation” [why else would I read this crud, anyway?] & “find time for fun” — which I think adds up to a fair description of our society around Christmas.

Reading all of that, I wonder why it seems so difficult to just relax & quietly enjoy one’s self?

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