12 December 2006

Linux conference in NSW, 75 attend

75 computers, that is.

NSW is pushing out a mixed ISDN/satellite network based on Debian — oddly enough, Rural Link happens at the request of the State Library (solo ISDN was too expensive).

Telstra sources the satellite dish and the Linux-based Ursys BusiBox satellite router interfaces with ISDN.

An odd mix.

It’s nice to see Telstra genuinely working with FOSS, because “We also tried to develop an interface with Windows but got too frustrated as [we found it] too unstable.”

I guess a BSOD became “a blue scream of death” out in the middle of nowhere... nice to know that your local library can do an “apt-get install package” though. (-:


Chris said...

Can you explain why anyone would have a use for a service like the one provided by URSYS ie the busibox


If you run your mail and web server (ADSL connection to the Internet) is there any reason to have a third party provide this kind of support?


Leon Brooks said...

I’m guessing not, unless the satellite link uses some weird format which is not available elsewhere.

I’m also guessing that most librarians would treat the box as an appliance, not knowing (or wanting to know) the first thing about how it works. In that case, Openness wouldn’t make a big difference.