24 December 2006

Jeremy & Dominica's Christmas

I’d reply directly, but SadLittleWebJournal reckons that everything I type is spam at the moment, so here goes broadcast. . .

It’s an interesting viewpoint, one even us Aussies rarely get. For many Yankees, the rest of the world basically doesn’t exist, leading to some interesting views.

The celebrations themselves seem to suck in general, except that one phase (wild partying) seems to suit many folks, so I suspect you”d get more mileage out of establishing some new workable traditions rather than trying to research and clone existing ones.

You could make some of them cute-and-fun, and others pragmatically successful. You’re a lad with imagination, so cut it loose (er... but save those elves for one special occasion when the lady of your life is feeling especially generous towards you :-) (oh, and keep the light-sabre around for another special occasion, they make people nervous :-).

As for actual rituals, most of the truly entertaining ones carry a bit of a risk, sad to point out, else you could go wild with little things like a load-the-mailboxes-with-chocolates rally early on X-day morning.

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