07 December 2006

iiNet on the road to mirvana

Alongside a story titled “Microsoft warns of new Word vulnerability” sits a new announcement that “iiNet is going to migrate early” to... Vista & MS-Office 2007.

Uh... this is a technical firm?

I guess iiNet haven’t changed that much in recent years, then.

A friend of mine, some years ago, rang up their tech support because their (iiNet’s) main DNS was dead, and was told to hang up and dial back. He patiently explained the problem & all of his testing, but they insisted. It was more than 2 hours before his modem was answered again.

Contrast this with the early organisation who proxied their entire traffic through a very busy (something like 6 SCSI hard drives) Linux-based Pentium 200 for several years, not replacing it simply because the blasted thing wouldn’t die.

I watched one of their techs spending time with a PuTTY session running full-screen on his apparently-mandatory ’Doze workstation, setting up websites (I vaguely remember the target being a Linux box) where he could do useful work. Policy vs utility.


Anonymous said...

cSo how does an internal deployment of one technoloy inside a company define its external facing infrastructure and its value to customers or users. Yes I agree crap administration internally or externally is crap but I imagine if they can't cope with an easy to install, configure and manage platform how the hell are they going to do the same with an antiquated product of Windows 95 capability

Leon Brooks said...

The one technology is not so much definitive as symptomatic.

It may be easy to install, kinda, but there are a few DRM-like gotchas waiting in the wings to bite later. That we know of so far. It was also kind of symbolic to see the zero-day exploit sitting alongside the announcement.