10 December 2006

How do you cook your green tea?

Oddly enough it can make a big difference to the antioxidant content of the final tea.

Roasting & drying the leaves with FIR (Far InfraRed) heat instead of conventional heat can boost the antioxidants, & can also curtail Vitamin C & caffiene levels.

Seung-Cheol Lee & his associates at Kyungnam University [South Korea] have been whittling away at the problem, making sure that they know exactly what effects the FIR has, & hopefully gaining a clear understanding of why the difference in heating methods has a significant effect. Their current theory is that polyphenol concentrations are elevated by the process.

The idea is to make a hot cup of tea ever more nutritious & flavoursome. The results should be available worldwide, so even backwoods delis scattered across the UK can provide better tea for the traditional British grandmothers. “We may not get your broadband right, but the tea while you’re waiting is wonderful.” (-:

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