05 December 2006

Head read

Forgot to mention that Mr Surgeon prodded my head & found it all good — but the hospital hadn’t given me any dressing material (or instructions), so he directed me to get some from a pharmacy.

Even the fancy sticky-tape to attach the dressings with was five bucks a metre, & the pads even more so. For tiny things like that, it makes me glad that ICWA is picking up the big bills.

For the morbidly curious, the dressing doesn’t stick to the staples, it sticks to the hair & skin instead. I’m supposed to keep the wound dry, which makes showers a bit of a performance.

Having my head (approximately) the right shape does make sleeping easier, because I don’t have to “balance” my head across the pillow to lie still.

People also look at me slightly less weirdly wearing medical dressings than they do someone wearing a helmet, even though the dressings are oddly-shaped contrasting bright white where the helmet is dark & can be matched against dark clothing (& hair).

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