21 December 2006

Getting out of the way

Quote of the day from Kathy Sierra courtesy of Donna Benjamin getting Planetted:

Memo to Microsoft: you’ve got people doing some amazing things over there. If you could just get the hell out of the way, the world might change for the better.


As Kathy says, this is far from just Microsoft’s problem; I find myself thinking along these lines fairly often, including about my own work.

The Kathy post which Donna referred to was extremely well done, itself. It taught about teaching by demonstrating “in flight” many of the principles to which it was directed. It’s amaxing how much intellectual weight can be added to a block of text by a little diagram with wavy lines and a label or two.

And I have to admit, my own code feels so much more satisfying when it can be described as “beautiful” even though I myself definitely am not so describable. (-:

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