09 December 2006

The eyes have it, mostly

I had my eyes checked out yesterday, and it turns out that the focussing issues I’m facing are both fairly “normal” for head injuries & also not permanent, which is excellent. By a coincidence (it hasn’t anything to do with my appointment) Stephen Leslie, the optometrist, has a lot of cycling patients, mostly the unimpacted kind.

I get to wear a pair of glasses to help the focus, while my brain comes back up to speed on using both the focus & my eyes as a pair (focussing & aiming them together, for example).

I’m really being looked after about the eye damage, because I took a major impact on my left eyebrow, which usually results in some form of eye injury, but hasn’t this time, apparently.

I got to count the staples during my last dressing change, and there are 45 of them. Thankfully, unless something’s pushing against one, I can’t feel them. I’m glad to be so conveniently built, since I now have some idea of what it would be like with all staples under tension. Yurgh!

I can feel my head healing up gradually over the days; parts of my eyebrows that were hooked up to the cut kind of directly have relaxed, for example. This means I now have the luxury of scratching an eyebrow without flinching as I did earlier in the week. The disinfectant spray-on stuff which was attached to my head is finally beginning to dry up & fall away, too.

Looking forward to surviving my staplectomy on Monday. (-:

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Leon Brooks said...

Staples here for the curious.

Sorry about the quality of the shot. As you can well imagine, a self-taken image would be kind of difficult.